Russian Stealth Frigate Tests New Missiles in Sea Trials

Russia’s second Gepard class frigate has successfully test-fired missiles from the new Kalibr-NK missile system during the first stage of sea trials in the Black Sea, a spokesman for Russia’s Southern military district said on Thursday.

The Dagestan is the Russian Navy’s first warship equipped with the Kalibr-NK missile system that is capable of using several types of high precision missiles against surface, underwater and coastal targets at ranges of up to 300 kilometers (190 miles).

The vessel uses elements of stealth technology, which lower its exposure to radars.

“The crew is preparing the warship to move to the Caspian Sea for the final stage of the trials,” Col. Igor Gorbul said. “It will be assigned to the Caspian Flotilla afterwards.”

The first Gepard class frigate in the Russian Navy, the Tatarstan, has been serving as the flagship of the Caspian Flotilla since 2002. The Tatarstan is armed with the SS-N-25 Switchblade anti-ship missiles.


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