Russian tourists in Turkey evacuated from plane on false alarm

Russian tourists were evacuated from the Tu-204 jet in the airport of Turkish resort city of Antalya because of the false activation of fire alarm system, a spokesman for Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia), Sergey Izvolsky said on Saturday.

A Red Wings Tu-204 jet en route from Antalya to the southern Russian city of Volgograd was preparing to take off when the fire alarm system in the luggage space switched on. The alarm turned to be false.

“The crew decided to urgently evacuate the passengers by means of an inflatable chute,” Izvolsky said, adding that none of the passengers had been injured.

A source in Antalya’s tourism industry said that there was panic during the evacuation and some of the passengers received minor bodily injuries.

It is the second incident with Red Wings air carrier’s flight in Antalya over a day. Some hours prior there was a 12-hour delay of the flight to the central Russian city of Samara.

Red Wings has yet to provide any comments.

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