Russians rally to stop export of children to America

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Saturday 2nd March, 2013

Thousands of people have taken part in a Russian march supporting Russian children.

Many attended the demonstration in Moscow to support the government ban on US adoptions of Russian children.

Many people carried banners which bore messages such as: “Give back our children!”

During the week Russian officials suggested that the death of a three-year-old in the United States may have come about because of abuse.

Max Shatto was a Russian adopted child from the town of Pskov, near Russia’s western border with Estonia.

Max died in a suburb of Dallas, Texas in January with US authorities ruling his death an accident.

When bruises were found on his body, lawyers cited behavioural issues as the reason.

Since then, an autopsy has cleared the Texas mother of beating to death her adoptive Russian son.

State medical examiners have ruled that bruises on the toddler’s body were self-inflicted.

However, Russian authorities have continued to allege he was abused and given psychotropic drugs.

The Russians have launched their own investigation.

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