Russians support higher age for buying booze

Big News Network (IANS)
Tuesday 26th March, 2013

About three-quarters of Russians support raising the minimum legal age for buying alcohol to 21 from the current 18, according to a poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center or VTsIOM.

Of the 76 percent in favour of upping the age limit, the most likely to voice their support were senior citizens or people “approaching pension age” (80-81 percent of them approved of the idea), residents of mid-sized cities (82 percent) and those who identified themselves as having average or below-average family income (77-78 percent).

Women were more likely to support the measure than men, with 81 percent in favour versus 70 percent.

About one-fifth of respondents (21 percent) said they were skeptical about the proposed change, VTsIOM said.

The poll, commissioned by the federal Sober Russia project, was conducted March 23-24 among 1,600 people in 42 Russian regions.

–IANS/RIA Novosti


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