Russia’s Urals arms depot blasts injure 91 people

The number of people injured in blasts that shook an ammunition depot in Russia’s Urals republic of Udmurtia has risen to 91 people, the Emergencies Ministry aid on Sunday.

“As many as 91 people have applied for medical assistance, of whom 37 have been hospitalized and five have been discharged from hospital,” the ministry said.

Previous reports put the number of those injured in the blasts at 86 people.

Alexander Goryainov, head of Udmurtia’s presidential administration and government, said most of injuries were cuts and bruises.

On Saturday, rescuers extinguished fire, which broke out at the arms depot on Thursday night and caused a series of blasts. Nearly 30,000 people were evacuated. At least 12,000 have so far been unable to return home.

Colonel Igor Konashenkov, head of the Defense Ministry information department, said the arms depot had contained about 170,500 units of ammunition.

MOSCOW, June 5 (RIA Novosti)

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