Sarah Palin nailed a basketball legend

As Tea Partiers wait to see if Sarah Palin will play ball and add her name to the roster of Republicans vying for the GOP’s nod in 2012, a new book alleges that the former governor was playing some one-on-one with an NBA star before she made it big.

In investigative journalist Joe McGinniss’ forthcoming biography of John McCain’s old running mate, the author reveals that Palin, then a fresh-faced recent college grad, had a one night stand with basketball legend Glen Rice back in 1987.

The pages of “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin” are sure to reveal a lot about the First Lady of the Tea Party, but perhaps most scandalous of the stones being cast Palin’s way is the encounter she allegedly had with Rice while the GOP darling was a sports reporter working for an Alaskan news station.

McGinniss’ book won’t be on shelves for another week, but in an advanced copy obtained by the National Enquirer, the tabloid reports that Palin aggressively went after Rice while he was shooting hoops for the University at Michigan in the late 80s. One former friend of Palin told McGinniss that Palin “hauled his ass down” and managed to bed the ballplayer in an interracial intimate encounter while she was reporting for Anchorage’s KTUU.

The book suggest that after performing at the Great Alaska Shootout in ’87, Palin had a one-night fling while the hoop shooter was playing college ball. Only nine months later, Palin was married to her high school sweetheart Todd. The author quotes Rice as confirming the ordeal in the upcoming expose.

Also on the pages of The Rogue, McGinniss writes that Sarah and Todd engaged in some outrageous behavior as well together. The author writes that the two dabbled in cocaine use, says the Enquirer, and that the couple was once caught blowing coke from the top of a 55-gallon oil drum.

If being Russia’s neighbor gave Palin some unprecedented foreign policy experience, sleeping with a power forward surely makes her qualified for the position of Secretary of Slam Dunks. That is, of course, if any of the current GOP contenders would welcome her aboard their cabinet after the smoke clears on this one.

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