Sausages disguised as traffic batons produced in Russia’s Chelyabinsk.

17/7 Tass 297

CHELYABINSK, July 17 (Itar-Tass) —— A meatpacking plant in Russia’s city of Chelyabinsk has launched the production of unusual servelas sausages – a replica of a traffic baton, the press service of the region’s governor reported.

Sausage sticks produced by the Tavria plant replicate traffic policemen’s baton in terms of their size and colour. Clients say the sausages are savory in taste too.

The plant’s director, Oleg Kobzev, the idea was born long ago but it took quite a time to realize it. The plant, in his words, will make such eatable traffic batons as long as they are in demand. So far they are bestsellers.

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