Schwarzenegger tipped to star in fifth Terminator movie

Hollywood star and former politician Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to return to his Terminator days by starring in a sequel to the four-part action movie, the entertainment website reported.

Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame for his leading role in the original 1984 science fiction action movie directed by Oscar winner James Cameron.

Schwarzenegger, born in Austrian town of Graz, held the main role in two sequels of the Terminator movies. The second film earned over $54 million over a single weekend in July 1992.

The film still has no scriptwriter, according to DeadLine, but Schwarzenegger is attached to a Creative Artists Agency rights package for the movie.

Schwarzenegger stepped down as California Governor in January amid low approval ratings in the debt-mired U.S. state. He served two terms from October 2003.

Despite a vow to relinquish his acting career when he became governor, Schwarzenegger starred in action movie The Expendables in 2010.

MOSCOW, April 27 (RIA Novosti) 

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