Scythe-Wielding Robber Carded in Siberia

A drunk 16-year-old attempting to rob a liquor store in western Siberia failed to impress the sales clerk, who demanded to see his ID first, local police said on Thursday.

The youth climbed halfway into the window of a round-the-clock store in the village of Yaya in the Kemerovo region to demand booze and cigarettes, waving the scythe around to drive the point home, police said on their website.

But the female sales clerk demanded to see his ID to ensure he is 18, the legal age to drink and smoke in Russia, the report said.

The request fazed the teenager, but he eventually pressed on with his demands, backing it by more scythe-waving threats, which prompted the clerk to provide him with smokes and alcohol.

However, the young man was detained soon after and faces up to 12 years in prison on robbery charges. The legal age for jailing in Russia is 14.


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