Sea explorers find underwater UFO

Tired of watching the skies, UFO fans are now looking at images coming from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

The remains of a UFO were reportedly found by a team of Swedish explorers carrying out a 92-meter-deep sonar survey of the Baltic Sea, the Daily Mail reported.

Sea surveyors say they have found what can only be described as the wreckage of a crashed space ship, like the “Millennium Falcon” from “Star Wars.”

Photos of the ship immediately went viral on the internet, gathering thousands of clicks from UFO lovers. They are sure the finding could prove the existence of extraterrestrial life, as well as aliens’ interest in Earth.

The discovery is round, about 18 meters in diameter.The bottom surrounding “the ship” is all crumpled; it looks like the “flying saucer” tried to move upon reaching its final resting place.

The captain of the ship says he has never seen anything of the kind in his entire 18-year career. He believes that the discovery is not a UFO, but rather a new Stonehenge.

The captain, however, remarked that the mystery may remain unsolved, as the group lacks funds to study the “saucer” in the deep.

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