Sect possibly involved in death of 2 women, 3 children

Investigators said a sect may be involved in the death of five people in the Russian Tula region, the head of the region’s Investigative Committee, Tatiana Sergeeva, said on Tuesday.

Two women and three children were found dead on Monday in an apartment in Tula (120 miles south of Moscow). According to preliminary information, they were brutally killed about one week ago and stacked one on top of the other in the bathtub.

Neighbors said one of the women was religious and sang in a church choir. They saw her leave for the church, but did not see her return.

“Investigators do not rule out that the murders are connected with members of a sect,” Sergeeva said.

The chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin came to Tula to coordinate the investigation.

Investigators said the murders could also be in connection with the other woman’s profession. The younger woman worked as a real estate agent.

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