‘Serbia is one flashpoint in a new world disorder’

NATO peacekeepers have used tear gas to take control of one of the barricades in Northern Kosovo, built by local Serbs several months ago in an ongoing border dispute. Political analyst Aleksandar Pavic insists KFOR forces act as occupiers.

­But the success of the KFOR troops was short-lived, after a new block was put up further down the road. The crackdown comes just days after the head of the UN drew attention to the increasing number of attacks on Serbs living in Northern Kosovo.

NATO troops were deployed to the region to keep the peace and separate the conflicting sides. However, by bulldozing barricades they seem to have taken a particular side. And as Aleksandar Pavic says, the alliance has been doing this for years, while there is a bigger picture behind its actions in Serbia.

“They’ve broken their mandate, actually. They are doing the job of the Albanian-controlled government in Pristina, and they are doing it openly, in spite of their mandate from the UN, which is supposed to be a peace-keeping mandate, to keep the warring sides separated,” he told RT.

Speaking of the latest events around the barricades, Pavic notes that the KFOR action is an “aggressive show of force”. “They are acting like an occupier, instead of peace-keeping,” he added.

With all that, it is not just about Kosovo, the political analyst pointed out.

“This is part of a larger picture, and I think people should be very much aware of that,” Pavic said. “The same powers that are controlling NATO are controlling what is happening in Greece. They are behind the crisis in Greece, they are behind the crisis in Iran. What we are seeing right now is the sign of a new world disorder, and Serbia is one of the flashpoints.”

“All the people that are doing all the Occupy Wall Street and all the other streets throughout the Western world right now – the Kosovo Serbs are the forefront of this fight,” Aleksandar Pavic concluded.

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