Sexy Russian spy Chapman keeps mum over online marriage proposal to Snowden

Russia News.Net
Tuesday 1st October, 2013

The former Russian spy, Anna Chapman, who was kicked out of the US in 2010 and recently made headlines with her online marriage proposal to NSA spy Edward Snowden, reportedly kept mum when she was asked about her proposal and walked out of an interview.

NBC News host Richard Engel was interviewing Chapman when he asked her about her proposal to Snowden, to which she said that she would not discuss her private life, and wanted instead to talk about her new television show.

According to, a few moments later Chapman ended the interview and Engel got only five or six minutes with her for the interview.

When the NSA whistleblower, Snowden was holed up at the Russian Sheremetyevo Airport, Chapman logged into her rarely used Twitter account and posted a tweet that read as, ‘Snowden, Will you marry me?’, which was retweeted almost 3000 times.

The report said that Chapman shot to international fame after her arrest in 2010, with nude photos adding fuel to rumors that she was acting as a ‘honey trap’ in the US and later she returned to Russia after a prisoner swap between Russia and America. (ANI)

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