Shoigu Says Rumors of Russian Military Downfall “Nonsense”

KRASNOYARSK, February 12 (RIA Novosti) – Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday dismissed as “utter nonsense” online rumors that the Russian armed forces are virtually non-existent.

At a meeting with students in the Siberian city of Kransnoyarsk, Shoigu was asked to comment on online rumors that “there is nothing left, our army is a total wreck and we can only showcase tin cans at [military] parades in Moscow.”

“This is nonsense, total and utter nonsense,” Shoigu replied. “This is rubbish.”

The defense minister said that Russia had cutting-edge weapons and there were no doubts of its military might.

“The country’s nuclear shield remains powerful and strong, and everything is being done to keep it that way. We have thousands of planes and helicopters, a rocket shield, a powerful air defense system,” he said.

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