Siberian woman finds pet cat month after jet crash

A woman from Siberia found her cat lost in mid-July in an airline crash when a Russian regional passenger jet with 36 people on board ditched in the western Siberian Ob River killing seven, the local TV channel said on Thursday.

On July 11, the Angara Airlines An-24 ditched on the Ob about 14 kilometers from the town of Strezhevoy in the Tomsk region, after its crew reported a fire in the port engine.

The woman, a resident from the town of Surgut in the oil-rich Tyumen region, survived the accident, but had lost her cat, Romashka (Daisy). She did not give up hope in finding her pet and put out an ad on the local TV channel.

Three weeks after the accident, a local, Fyodor Bodyako, said his dog Buran (Blizzard) had found the missing cat.

“I was walking with my dog. Suddenly the dog pulled away and started barking. I approached and saw a cat,” Bodyako said. “There are no cats here, only dogs. So I guessed the cat was probably from that plane.”

Zoo veterinarians said the cat was safe and sound.

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