Sochi Olympic Lanes to Appear By Year-End

SOCHI, June 4 (R-Sport) – Lanes reserved for Sochi 2014 Olympic traffic will appear on the roads of the Black Sea resort by the end of the year, a transport official said on Tuesday.

Around 235 miles (370 km) of additional roads have had to be built for the Games, with sections of the main highways to carry the kind of Olympics-only signs present at the London and Beijing Olympics.

“Only accredited transport will be able to travel in the Olympic lanes,” said Andrei Zhukov, who is responsible for transport issues with the Sochi 2014 organizing committee.

Drivers who breach the rules face penalties of $160 to $320, he said.

Gridlock along Sochi’s narrow roads was one of the main concerns that Russia overcame to win hosting rights over Salzburg and Pyongchang.

Olympic lanes will appear on the coast-to-mountain road that connects the Olympic Park coastal cluster with the skiing and sledding venues; as well as all routes around Adler train station, which serves the Olympic Park.
It is unclear if they will stretch the six miles northwest into downtown Sochi.

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