Sochi Olympics champions to receive meteorite medals after Games

Russia News.Net
Monday 17th February, 2014

Officials from Russia’s Chelyabinsk region are reportedly planning to present medallions made from chunks of a 10- ton meteor crash to Sochi Olympians, who won gold medals on the February 15 anniversary of the crash.

The “meteorite medals” will be made by affixing fragments of meteor that crashed to earth in Russia’s Ural Mountains region last year.

According to CBS News, the medals, gold- and silver-plated awards topped with a fingernail-size chunk of space stone set like a diamond on a ring, got a lot of attention in the early days of the Sochi Winter Games with Chelyabinsk’s Ministry of Tourism featuring the medals in a Russian cultural exhibition within Sochi’s Olympic Park.

However, a day before the crash anniversary, Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli said that the Russians couldn’t hand out the bonus medals until after the Games were over. (ANI)

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