Southwest pulls 81 planes from routes

Southwest Airlines has announced it will ground 81 planes after a Boeing 737 made an emergency landing on Friday night.

Pilots were forced to bring the plane down quickly after a large hole developed in the plane’s ceiling.

According to those on board, the incident became terrifying when the cabin lost pressure and the plane went into its controlled descent to a height of 11,00 feet.

Passengers described the sight of sky through a hole torn in the cabin roof.

One passenger and a flight attendant passed out during the emergency, apparently through lack of oxygen.

Southwest officials have explained that Flight 812 lost pressure because of a rupture in the fuselage at 36,000.

A safe emergency landing was made at a military base in Yuma, 150 miles southwest of Phoenix, Arizona.

Southwest officials have now said they will take about 80 Boeing 737-300’s, similar to the one that experienced the emergency, out of service.

Due to lack of available planes, the airline had to cancel about 300 flights Saturday.

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