Soviet submarine found in Baltic Sea

Archeologists looking for old boats at the bottom of the Baltic Sea think they have found a piece of Soviet history.

After being tipped off by fishermen, they came across what appears to be a Soviet submarine. The fishermen paid attention to the wreck because it often damaged their nets.

The archeologists performed sonar research and filmed the wreck, the Saarte Hääl newspaper reported.

The submarine wreck is located about 2.5 miles east of Ruhnu Lake, and faces directly toward a nearby lighthouse. The length of the ship is approximately 55-60 meters, with a width of about six meters and a height of three to four meters.

To reach the wreck, archeologists had to make two dives. Because of extremely poor visibility, it was quite a challenge.

While the scientists say they are not yet ready to draw any definitive conclusions about the boat’s history, Estonian underwater archaeologist Vello Mäss suggested that the wreck could be the a Soviet Shchuka-class submarine which sunk during maneuvers in 1958. Mäss say divers were using the submarine for training.

“We can say for sure that the submarine was not destroyed by arms – this is basically all we need to know,” said specialists from the Marin Matteknik marine research company.

The military stated that the submarine could have been prepared for utilization because of its age. But during utilization, something presumably went wrong and the submarine sank.

The sudden finding was a big surprise for researchers, since there was no historical data on a submarine sinking in the region.

While data about the fate of the ship was largely available online, no one was able to actually find the ship.

Former Soviet military officers, however, are not very happy with the discovery.

“The submarines which sank during operational missions serve as mass graves for Soviet servicemen,” Konstantin Shopotov, a rear admiral and military historian, told RT. “Nobody has the right to touch them or to try and enter them. The only correct thing to do when the location of such subs becomes known is to approach them and pay our last respects to the soldiers by putting wreaths in the water.”

This is not the first amazing discovery made in recent days in the Baltic Sea. Only days before, a team of Swedish explorers detected the alleged remains of a UFO.

Sea surveyors say they found what can only be described as the wreckage of a crashed space ship, like the “Millennium Falcon” from “Star Wars.”

Photos of the ship immediately went viral on the internet, gathering thousands of clicks from UFO lovers. They are sure the finding could prove the existence of extraterrestrial life, as well as aliens’ interest in Earth.

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