Soviet Union poured $1b in mind-control weaponry program since 1917

Russia News.Net
Saturday 28th December, 2013

A new report has revealed that from 1917 to 2003, the Soviets spent about 1 billion dollars researching mind-controlling weaponry to compete with similar programs being undertaken in the US.

The paper, by Serge Kernbach, at the Research Centre of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science in Stuttgart, Germany, detailed the Soviet’s extensive experiments, called “psychotronics,” reported.

The paper has been based on Russian technical journals and recently de-classified documents.

The paper also outlines how the Soviets developed “cerpan”, a device that could generate and store high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, and the usage of this energy to affect other objects.

The paper said that if the generator was designed properly, it would be able to accumulate bioenergy from all living things – animals, plants, humans – and then release it outside. (ANI)

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