Space Station Cosmonauts to Make 3D Photo Report

Russian news agency RIA Novosti has sent a stereo photo camera to the International Space Station (ISS) and asked its members to make a report about life onboard the orbital complex, chief of the agency’s image department Vladimir Baranov said on Wednesday.

“Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Sergei Revin who on Tuesday left for the ISS onboard Soyuz TMA-04M space shuttle, took a special stereo camera to make a 3D report about their life and work on the orbital complex,” Baranov said.

The camera, FujiFilm Real 3D W3 with dual lens and twin 10-megapixel CCD technology, is easy to operate. It not only captures 10-megapixel 3D photos, but it is also the world’s first digital camera that can capture 3D HD movies. The device has a 16GB memory card.









The photos captured during this ISS mission will be delivered back to Earth by the previous 31st ISS crew, which will return on June 1.

“The camera itself will never get back on Earth. Most likely, it will remain onboard the ISS and, perhaps, be used by future crews,” Baranov said.

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