Spain shifts to right: Conservatives claim victory in elections

Spanish conservative People’s Party is heading to a landslide victory in Sunday’s general election outrunning the ruling Socialists. However it remains uncertain whether any party could solve country’s raging unemployment and financial stagnation.

With most of the votes counted, the center-right Popular Party had 187 seats in the 350-seat lower chamber of the parliament, while the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party had only 109.

Most analysts predicted that the People’s Party will win the majority of the vote. Regardless of the final vote count, the winning party will have to deal with the same old problems the country finds itself mired in.

Many people in Spain are disillusioned with any of the choices they may have on the political table.

The Socialists have been in power for the last several years and today they are essentially blamed for not noticing the economic downturn, for not reacting to the crisis properly thus plunging Spain into economic turmoil.

Spain is notorious for having the highest unemployment rate in Europe, more than 24 per cent. In September alone 4,000 people were losing their jobs every single day.

More than 5 million people in the country do not have a wage provider for their homes.

When you look at this extremely bleak situation in the country, a lot of people believe the elections will not make a difference. 

While the protestors of all trades – workers, students, professors – pour into the streets, the majority of people say that none of the choices on the ballot can satisfy their demands or essentially change anything.

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