St. Petersburg bakers make 3-ton Easter cake

St. Petersburg bakers will on Sunday celebrate Easter by serving a three-ton Russian Easter cake, known as kulich, during celebrations in the south of the city.

Kulich, a glazed cake baked under a recipe similar to Italian panettone, makes an important part of Russian Easter dinner, along with colored eggs and paskha – cottage cheese blended with nuts and candied fruits.

“According to organizers, this kulich will be the world’s largest. It measures ten by twenty meters and weights three metric tons,” organizers said.

On Sunday, Russia is celebrating Easter, Christianity’s most important and joyful feast when the Church commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year, it is marked by the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Anglican churches on the same day, which sometimes happens although the churches use different calendars.

ST. PETERSBURG, April 24 (RIA Novosti)

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