Syrian chemical weapons Opposition rejects US-Russia deal

Russia News.Net
Saturday 14th September, 2013

The Syrian opposition Saturday rejected here an agreement between the US and Russia on Syrian chemical weapons and refused to declare a ceasefire with the government.

Salim Idris, general of the rebel Free Syrian Army, made the remarks at a press conference of the exiled opposition Syrian National Coalition here, minutes after the US and Russia declared that they have agreed on a plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons in 2014, Xinhua reported.

Idris said the Syrian opposition did not accept the deal. On the contrary, he said they would continue to fight on the ground against the government forces.

“As the regime already started to deploy the chemical weapons in Lebanon and Iraq, it is impossible for us to accept the destruction of the chemical weapons in 2014,” he said.

The US and Russia agreed earlier Saturday in Geneva that Damascus must submit a comprehensive list of its chemical weapon stocks within a week, which will be followed by their transfer and destruction in 2014.

The Syrian opposition is expected to announce their interim government later Saturday as their general assembly meeting is still going on here.

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