Target hackers directed stolen data to Russian servers

Russia News.Net
Saturday 18th January, 2014

The major hack attack carried on retailer Target reportedly directed the stolen credit card data on Russian servers, security researchers have revealed.

Researchers investigating one of the most devastating data breaches in history have found that the attackers breached Target’s network and stayed undetected for more than two weeks.

According to PC World, a security company, Seculert, found that the data stolen in the Target breach was received by a compromised US server and then sent to a Russian server.

CTO of Seculert, Aviv Raff, said that over the two weeks of remaining undetected, the malware collected 11 GB of data from Target’s POS (point-of-sale) terminals.

The researchers found that logs from the compromised US server showed that the data was moved again to a server based in Russia starting on Dec. 2.

Raff said that it was difficult to say if the attackers are based in Russia.

The November attack on Target compromised payment card and personal details of up to 110 million people. (ANI)

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