Tbilisi hails Clinton’s statements – News – GeorgiaTimes.info

Tbilisi hails Clinton’s statements – News – GeorgiaTimes.info: “Several days, in her speech at the Atlantic Council, Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary General, said Washington must force Moscow to implement is obligations in regard to Georgia.

David Bakradze, the Speaker of Georgia Parliament, commented upon the statement and said no immediate actions from the side of Russia would follow – Novosti-Gruzia.

‘…but these statements create the basis, which will in prospect let us to lead the process in direction it must go – restoration of the territorial integrity via political dialog, deoccupation of Georgia and withdrawal of Russian forces,’ the Speaker said.

According to mass media, Clinton mentioned that none of the countries can veto the expansion of NATO or prohibit this or that state to become the Alliance member in case it meets its standards. Clinton said that in the framework of NATO-Russia Council the USA would defend the territorial integrity of Georgia, persuade Russia that NATO expansion is no threat to its interests, and also raise issues of democracy protection and human rights.”

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