Tevez gets million-pound fine for misconduct

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has been fined a month’s salary after being found guilty of five breaches of contract for misconduct on the bench during a Champions League game against Bayern Munich.

The conflict between the Argentinean international and manager Roberto Mancini broke out after Tevez refused to participate in last month’s 2-0 loss despite being selected. He refused to warm up during the second half at Bayern Munich after being ordered to do so.

Following his demarche, Tevez was immediately suspended for two weeks by City. But despite the odds, the Argentinean received no ban on Tuesday. Instead, he was given a written warning about his conduct and obliged to pay a fine which amounts to roughly $1.6 million.

Tevez, who has claimed many times that he wants to leave the English Premier League, has 14 days to appeal the decision.

Tevez may have his wishes come true in the January transfer window, as the success of Mario Balotelli and Sergio Aguero has left him a minor figure at City. Mancini, for his part, said on the night of the Bayern incident that Tevez was “finished” with the club.

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