The butterfly effect

Even a harmless butterfly can provoke a scandal if it is sitting on a woman’s… crotch.

­This no-so-innocent image of a butterfly has appeared on the front cover of Garage, a new fashion and art publication founded by the Russian art aficionado and socialite, Dasha Zhukova.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the girlfriend of the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and mother of his son has commissioned several A-list artists, including Jeff Koons and one of the world’s most expensive and provocative minds, Damien Hirst, to design a tattoo which would then be inked onto a “living canvas.”

Hirst, creator of the famous platinum skull, teamed up with young British illustrator Shauna Taylor. As a result, her vagina was tattooed with his signature butterfly, which was then photographed.

Hirst’s design for Zhukova’s magazine, due to come out during New York Fashion Week this week, was highly disapproved of by leading UK newsagent, WHSmith, which banned it from its shelves.

Among the biggest fans of Hirst’s controversial masterpiece is the 23-year-old model herself. “I have a piece of art on my vagina that not one single person can ever say they gave birth through,” Taylor told the New York Post.

Meanwhile, there are three different covers for Zhukova to choose from, the other two created by Dinos Chapman and Richard Prince.

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