The life of Pyotr Stolypin


2 A favorite hobby of Stolypin’s (9)

5 Stolypin’s fi rst job in Nicholas II’s government (8, 8)

6 Instrument of justice known as ‘Stolypin’s necktie’ (8, 5)

9 Class of well-off farmers who benefi ted from Stolypin’s reforms but were later repressed by Stalin (6)

12 Composer of the opera Stolypin was watching when he was assassinated (6,8)

15 Territory that saw its population double during Stolypin’s administration (7)

16 German city where Stolypin was born in 1862 (7)


1 Modern-day politician who this summer compared himself to Stolypin (5)

3 Who beat Stolypin into second place in a 2008 poll to fi nd the most famous Russian? (9, 6)

4 Russian agricultural commune that Stolypin sought to replace with capitalist farming (3)

7 City where Stolypin died (4)

8 Sign made by Stolypin to Tsar Nicholas II after he was shot (5)

10 Volga River region where Stolypin as governor suppressed peasant uprisings and organized pogroms during the 1905 revolution (5)

11 Post in the Council of Ministers held by Stolypin from July 1906 until his death (8)

13 Large individual homestead, owned by richer farmers, that Stolypin hoped to base his agricultural reform on (6)

14 Stolypin’s assassin secretly worked for this organization (7)


Answers to last week’s ‘War on Terror’ crossword (The Moscow News, September 6, 2011):

1. Michael Moore 2. Metro 3. Gaddafi 4. (across) Blair (down) Benazir Bhutto 5. Pentagon 6. (across) Bush (down) Basayev 7. Saudi Arabian 8. Domodedovo 9. Bin Laden 10. Putin 11. Homeland Security 12. Dubrovka 13. Atta 14. Beslan

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