Three million people celebrated Victory Day in Moscow

Some 3,000,000 people took part in Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, the Russian capital’s police spokesman Viktor Biryukov said.

Victory Day that Russia celebrates on May 9 marks the final defeat of Nazi Germany by the Soviet Union in World War II, known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War. This year, the 66th anniversary of the Soviet victory was marked.

“No serious incidents were registered,” Biryukov said, adding that 20,000 police officers ensured order on city streets. “No one was detained.”

A military parade was held on Red Square in the morning. The event involved 20,000 servicemen and cadets, as well as a march pass of over 100 pieces of military hardware.

The hardware included Topol-M ballistic missile launchers, S-400 Triumph air defense systems, Pantsyr-S1 air defense systems, Iskander-M missile launchers, Smerch multiple rocket launchers, BTR-80 armored personnel carriers, and T-90 main battle tanks.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev addressed the participants and guests at the beginning of the parade.

The day culminated in a grand fireworks display consisting of 30 salvos from 18 guns and 72 launchers.

Over 250,000 people participated in Victory Day celebrations in the Moscow Region that surrounds the Russian capital, regional police spokesman Yevgeny Gildeyev said.

He said no incidents were reported and no one was detained, and added that 6,400 police officers ensured law and order.

Victory Day celebrations also took place in cities across Russia and in former Soviet states.

MOSCOW, May 10 (RIA Novosti)

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