Tim DeChristopher faces 10 years for stopping injustice

Kevin Zeese says it was just an act of civil disobedience. A US judge, however, thinks it was a bit more than that.

Tim DeChristopher bid $1.8 million during a federal auction in 2008, only he used money he didn’t have. DeChristopher was trying to keep the oil industry from purchasing the land and drilling. That act of civil disobedience might cost him up to ten years behind bars.

As DeChristopher awaits sentencing, Zeese of comehomeamerica.us equates the environmental activist as an American hero.

“Tim took it on his own to stop this illegal leasing of oil and gas lands,” says Zeese. Sure enough, the auction was indeed illegal and, once the Obama administration entered the White House, the talks of selling off the land were thwarted. Even still, DeChristopher is still looking at time in prison.

“He stopped something that was illegal! And yet the Obama admin want to put him in jail for years to stop the law being violated,” says Zeese.

“Holding corporations accountable is more out job than the legal sustem’s job, and we should be looking for more ways to do that,” DeChristopher said to RT earlier this week. Zeese echoes his sentiments today, calling the American government “corrupt” and asking those in the US to “be more citizens every day.”

“Tim is one of those real amazing leaders that has stood up and is willing to take the punishment,” Zeese adds. He is looking to get more people to rally just like DeChristpher by gathering in Washington this autumn in hopes of ending corporatism.

“Enough is enough,” says Zeese. “It’s time for America to stand up and take back our government.”

And first to their feet right now is Tim DeChristopher, who faces sentencing today.

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