Timoshenko arrested for behavior disrespectful to court

KIEV, August 6 (Itar-Tass) — Ex-Premier Yulia Timoshenko is arrested because of her disrespect-demonstrating behavior during the trial meetings, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in its statement issued on Saturday.

Respect for the judicial branch of power is a cornerstone of the established democratic model, the Foreign Ministry noted.

The former prime-minister’s pointed disrespect for the court gives the impression that a known politician can behave in a court as no ordinary citizen can. The willful and systematic disregard for the procedural rules, which are identical to those existing in most of the European states, and her openly disregarding attitude toward most of the trial participants became those offences that, according to the requirements of the current legislation, could not be left without an appropriate reaction.

Timoshenko is used to putting herself above the rules and the truth for years. But this time, she tried to put herself above the law as such, and the court put an end to that, taking the decision on the arrest, the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry assured the country’s authorities, within the legislation, would continue to do everything to strengthen the legal fundamentals of a democratic society in Ukraine and to guarantee the possibility for all political forces to compete as equals for the right to realize the aspiration of Ukrainian people to live in a free society based on common European values.


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