Trump releases birth certificate, challenges Obama to do same

Billionaire real estate mogul and US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has joined the ranks of the birther movement, demanding US President Barack Obama turn over his birth certificate to prove he is in fact a native born America.

To press the challenge against Obama, Trump released his own birth certificate.

His record indicated he was born in New York’s Jamaica Hospital on June 14, 1946 to a Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Trump.

It took me one hour to get my birth certificate.It’s inconceivable that, after four years of questioning, the President still hasn’t produced his birth certificate,” Trump said. “I’m just asking President Obama to show the public his birth certificate. Why’s he making an issue out of this?

However, many are now beginning to question the authenticity of Trumps documents as well. Highly attentive New Yorkers noticed something was not quite right about Trumps birth certificate.

According to city Department of Health officials, a proper state birth record should have the agency’s seal and the signature of the city registrar – neither appears on Trumps document. City officials claimed the document was not official. But, it may be a document stating a birth took place, nothing more.

Others began to not Trump’s mother was Scottish.

In the last presidential election, and to date, many have claimed Obama was born on foreign soil either in Indonesia or Kenya. If true, he would not be eligible for the Office of the President under US law.

It is quite possible Trump could face similar scrutiny in the 2012 elections.

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