Two Bodies Found after Tug Boat Sinking in St. Petersburg

MOSCOW, April 21 (RIA Novosti) – Rescuers have found the bodies of two crew members following the sinking of a tug boat in the Neva River in Russia’s St. Petersburg, a local deputy emergencies head said on Sunday.

“We thought that there should be bodies inside the boat… And this has happened, the bodies have been found,” Alexei Anikin told reporters after an effort to take the boat to the surface, which involved a floating crane and two tug boats, completed.

The boat, with two people onboard, reportedly crashed into the pillar of the Palace Bridge under reconstruction on Friday night. The capsized boat then floated about 200 meters and sank.

Anikin said the report that the boat capsized near the bridge after crashing into the pillar “could be true.” An investigation is ongoing.


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