Two interior units file reputation lawsuits against retired major.

22/7 Tass 89

VLADIVOSTOK, July 22 (Itar-Tass) — Two units of the Russian Interior Troops that are deployed in the village of Chuguyevka near Vladivostok, the Primorsky Territory, filed lawsuits for the defence of reputation to retired major Igor Matveyev. The Sovetsky District Court of Vladivostok began to try the lawsuits on Friday, a source in the court secretariat said, adding that the trial will be held behind closed doors.

Igor Matveyev became notorious after he said in the Internet about blatant violations in a unit of the Interior Troops in the Primorsky Territory, particularly the fact that “the soldiers were offered to eat dog canned food, Chinese illegal labour migrants lived in the military unit and the corruption was thriving there.” The Eastern regional command of the Interior Troops sued Matveyev on accusations for office abuse with the use of violence against Warrant Officer Lukanin and Sergeant Charnakov. The first court session was held in Vladivostok in the foresaid criminal case. Matveyev did not plead guilty for beating his subordinates.

The retired major considers new lawsuits from the military units were initiated by his enemies. Matveyev noted that he accuses concrete officials rather than military units and expressed hope that the court will turn down these lawsuits.

Russian Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin is following the trial against Igor Matveyev. The evidence for beating Warrant Officer Lukanin “are mainly contradictory,” he said. The warrant officer filed a lawsuit about his battery case two months after the incident.

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