Two-meter crocodile caught in Siberian lake

Rescuers in the south Siberian republic of Khakassia caught a two-meter long crocodile peacefully floating in a lake, the head of the local rescue team said on Wednesday.

Yury Stolbun said the crocodile caused no panic. A group of tourists in a catamaran spotted the reptile in the water and first mistook it for a log.

“Suddenly the log started blinking and paddling with its legs,” the rescuer said.

According to him, the crocodile belonged to a photographer who offered tourists resting at the lake a photo op with the huge reptile.

“Something distracted the owner and the crocodile escaped into the lake,” Stolbun said.

He added that it took the rescuers 20 minutes to capture the reptile, which was unharmed.

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