U.S. court to sentence Russian pilot for drug-trafficking

A U.S. court will announce on Wednesday a sentence for a Russian cargo pilot convicted of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the United States from Latin America via Africa.

Konstantin Yaroshenko, 53, was arrested in an international drug bust in Liberia last year. Four tons of cocaine were seized in the bust.

The U.S. Federal Prosecutor’s office has requested a 30-year sentence for the Russian pilot, who was found guilty by a jury panel in April along with his accomplice, Nigerian Chigbo Peter Umeh.

Umeh was sentenced to 30 years in jail in July.

Yaroshenko’s lawyer has asked the judge to for a 10-year term, considering that the Russian pilot’s role in the drug scheme was secondary and he has no prior criminal record.

Yaroshenko has denied all charges against him and complained about “the physical and psychological pressure” exerted on him after his arrest.

Russia accused the United States of kidnapping Yaroshenko after notification of his arrest was sent to a third country and he was transferred to New York to face charges without Russia’s knowledge.

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