U.S. NASA sets Apr. 29 for Endeavour shuttle launch to ISS

Following a daylong flight readiness review on Tuesday the U.S. space agency has set April 29 as the date for the launch of space shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station (ISS), NASA said.

“We had a very extensive and thorough review today,” Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for Space Operations was quoted as saying on the NASA Website.

“I think the things that impressed me the most is that the team is still continuing to really work issues and look at the vehicle performance on each and every flight just like they would during any normal mission,” Gerstenmaier added.

The shuttle with the STS-134 expedition is scheduled to be launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 29 at 15:47 local time (19:47 GMT).

Endeavor will deliver a $2 billion particle detector to be mounted outside the ISS. This will be Endeavour’s final flight and the next-to-last shuttle mission. The U.S. space agency says its shuttles are outdated and too expensive to maintain.

MOSCOW, April 20 (RIA Novosti)

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