Unesco adds new landmarks to World Heritage List

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) on Friday added lake districts in China and Kenya, a coastline in Australia, a fishing delta in Senegal and a string of Japanese islands to the World Heritage List, the UN reported on its website.

Unesco identified the Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley, Australia’s Ningaloo Coast, the Ogasawara Islands of Japan, the Saloum Delta in Senegal and the West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou in China as the newest entrants on the list.

The list includes over 900 sites deemed by the Unesco-backed World Heritage Committee to be of outstanding universal value.

The committee is meeting this week at Unesco’s Paris headquarters to discuss the latest nominations to the World Heritage List. A total of 35 nominations will be reviewed by the end of the committee’s session on June 29.

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