US Energy Department Halts Cooperation with Russia on Peaceful Nuclear Projects

MOSCOW, April 3 (RIA Novosti) – The US Department of Energy has suspended cooperation with its Russian counterpart on several experimental projects that focused on the peaceful nuclear energy, a spokesperson with Rosatom nuclear agency told RIA-Novosti Thursday.

“The US side has informed us about a freeze on some joint projects in the sphere of peaceful nuclear energy. We are talking specifically about a series of technical meetings, including scientific ones,” the source with the state-run Rosatom agency confirmed.

The United States cited “Russia’s action in Ukraine” as the reason for its decision to put nuclear cooperation on hold.

Russian spokesperson stressed that Rosatom considered this move a mistake that ran counter to the “constructive atmosphere” that had been characteristic of US-Russian joint effort in the energy field for the past few years.

“Nuclear energy is a very delicate and serious matter,” the spokesperson added. “It requires a responsible and professional take from all international participants. It mustn’t get political.”

The source also noted that any attempt to put unilateral restrictions on energy cooperation is bound to backfire at its initiator.

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