US Missile Defense Shift ‘No Way About’ Russia

MOSCOW, March 17 (RIA Novosti) – Washington’s plans to abandon a key part of a European missile defense plan strongly opposed by Russia are ‘no way’ linked to Moscow, The New York Times has reported citing a Pentagon spokesman.

“The missile defense decisions Secretary [of Defense Chuck] Hagel announced were in no way about Russia,” spokesman George Little said.

Defense Secretary Hagel announced on Friday the United States is abandoning the fourth part of its Eastern European missile defense plan, stationing SM-3 IIB interceptors in Poland by 2022, as the focus will be shifted to threats from North Korea.

James Miller, Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Policy at the Department of Defense later clarified: “In the fourth phase, in the previous plan, we would have added some additional type of interceptors – the so-called SM-3 IIB – would have been added to the mix in Poland. We no longer intend to add them to the mix, but we’ll continue to have the same number of deployed interceptors in Poland that will provide coverage for all of NATO in Europe.”

Analysts said the changes in the US missile defense plan could open the door to another round of talks between the United States and Russia on nuclear arms reductions.

Meanwhile, a senior administration official told The New York Times on the condition of anonymity: “There’s still an absolutely firm commitment to European missile defense, which is not about Russia; it’s about Iran these days.” “If there are side benefits that accrue with Russia, so be it. But that wasn’t a primary driver,” the official said.


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