US toymaker Mattel apologizes over ‘Nazi Poland’ blunder

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Major American toy company, Mattel, known for producing Barbie dolls and its cooperation with Disney, had to apologize before the Polish people and their government after a phrase ‘Nazi Poland’ slipped into one of their card games.

“We discovered this inaccuracy back in 2013 and we
immediately removed this card from the game. We apologize for the
gross oversight,”
Mattel said in a statement on social

The company offered to exchange the editions of the ‘Apples to
Apples’ game, which contained the mistake, for new ones – free of

Mattel CEO, Christopher Sinclair, also sent a letter with
apologies to Poland’s ambassador to the US, Ryszard Schnepf,
which was accepted “with satisfaction.”

“The Embassy also positively considers [Mattel’s] offer to
exchange the old version of the game for a new one, where there
is no trace of the term which goes against historical truth and
assaults the good name of our country,”
the Embassy said.

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Warsaw days after FBI chief blunder

Poland was outraged after learning that a card in a Mattel game,
dedicated to the ‘Schindler’s List’ movie, stated: “1993
Steven Spielberg film. Powerful, real-life story of a Catholic
businessman who eventually saved over 1,000 Jews in Nazi

‘Apples to Apples’ is a party game, which requires players to
guess a word based on its description on a card.

The Polish ambassador to the US had written an angry letter to
the toymaker, demanding that they correct the mistake, which was
“completely untrue from a historical perspective, and
detrimental to the good name of our country.”

The scandal occurred just several days after FBI Director, James
Comey, mistakenly mentioned Poland among the Nazis’ accomplices
in a speech at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Poland demands apology after FBI chief accuses it of Holocaust

The strong reaction from Polish authorities and general public
saw Comey forced to apologize as well.

“I regret linking Germany and Poland … because Poland was
invaded and occupied by Germany,”
the FBI head said in a
letter to the Polish ambassador.

Poland was occupied by Germany at the beginning of World War II.
Millions of the country’s citizens were killed, including three
million Polish Jews. Warsaw was also razed to the ground after an
uprising in 1944.

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