US/Taiwan deal causes concerns from China

China is showing concern after the United States has agreed to supply Taiwan with an aircraft fleet, which could potentially change not just the relationship between China and the US, but Taiwan and the rest of Asia.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen told RT that this is just the latest example of “geo politics.” The US has given weaponry to Taiwan ever since World War 2, and is obligated to help again by law. Taiwan wants some of the fancier F-16 jets to come their way, but Americans are opting to send them some antiquated aircrafts to keep China from losing their cool.

Madsen told RT that regardless of what the US gives Taiwan, it will certainly increase the country’s military presence. What could also increase, however, are tensions between Taiwan and other Asian territories, including Japan and China. And if Taiwan becomes a threat to China, says Madsen, China could soon become a threat to the US.

“Both the Obama administration and the Republican Party would like to see that showdown with China” Madsen suggests, especially given that China is the main debt holder of American credit. “Maybe the US could get out of paying its debt with China,” said Madsen, “but that’s not going to happen.”

Given the history between the US witt China and the US with Taiwan, Madsen said we really don’t expect much to happen at all. That is, of course, unless America decides to outfit the Taiwanese with some more advanced weaponry than China would be comfortable with.

“If its weaponry that China doesn’t look at as aggressive towards China, they will probably be okay with it,” said Madsen. “But if it’s any sort of advanced weaponry, were going to see some problems between Beijing and Washington,”

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