The View of Russia!

This is a actual picture of a Russian Village – We took it!


Russia is a multifaceted country. It is a country that is extremely misunderstood by those who visit, those who do not visit and even by those who live here.

Russia has a reputation that seems to be something like this:

1. Russians are unhappy.
2. Russians depressed.
3. Russians never smile.
4. Moscow is not Russia.
5. Russia is Dangerous.
6. Russia is dirty.
7. Russia is behind the times in technology.
8. Russia is…..
9. Moscow is….
10. Kremlin is..

I could go on forever but I will not. I have heard it all, from Moscow has the worst toilets in the world to a Russian Village is fit only for animals.

This blog is going to touch on the subjects and fallacies of how bad Russia is. This blog is going to touch upon the thoughts and reasons why people either want to fear Russia or make fun of Russia….

This blog is going to give you a look from a – Window into Russia!

Kyle & Svet Keeton

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