We will see more attacks like Norway – analyst

In the next 10 years, general society will come under more attacks like the one that just shocked Norway, says Chicago-based analyst Margaret Bogenrief.

­“What this attack really highlighted is that Europe is changing, and it has been changing for quite a while,” Margaret Bogenrief, of ACM Partners in Chicago, told RT. “It has got a relatively economically stable influx of immigrants. What you are seeing now is a decrease in living standards, with confusion about job security in the lower classes. I think we are going to see a lot more Islamic and right-wing extremism, particularly in Scandinavian countries.”

According to Bogenrief, the growth of Muslim populations across Europe has caused a strong swing rightward.

“People have become a lot more open-minded – they are ready to accept different neighbors who may not look like them,” she said. “But you are going to see a lot more people voting rightward then in the last 10 years.”

An increasing tide of leaders like Angel Merkel and David Cameron have come out against multiculturalism. According to Bogenrief, multiculturalism is already dead.

“This does not mean the European countries are going to go back to looking like the European countries of the 20th century,” she concluded. “What is actually going to happen is that the society is going to turn into a global society.”

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