Why buy a house when you can buy a street

If you think that family values are not vogue in the 21st century, think again! A Russian family of 48 has made a deal to buy not a house, but a whole street.

­Seventeen houses all located on the same street in a village some 38 kilometers from Moscow will unite three generations, according to information released by real estate agents Friday.

The family thought out the possible move for three years before taking this final step. Those years have also been spent trying to find a real estate agent who had a street for sale.

“The family members have already chosen specific houses and land surrounding them. At the moment, a preliminary agreement on the deal has been reached,” the real estate agency’s press release says.

Twenty attorneys will be providing legal support of the acquisition and five banks will serve as mortgage lenders for a total transaction surpassing US$ 2 million.

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