Winter festival brings fairy tales to life

With little snow to speak of so far, this winter has seemed mild by Moscow standards. So to make Muscovites feel more at home, the capital city has opened its first ever ice theatre on Revolution Square. It comes as a part of the city’s Russian Winter fes

The show’s central sculpture is teremok, a small fairy tale-style Russian house. This house, which is four meters tall, will host ice-cold, yet cute, animal inhabitants who will come alive several times daily in animated performances.

According to the fairy tale, teremok collapses at the end – but the ice theatre version won’t be so faithful to the original. That is, as long as temperatures in the city stay below freezing. And if they do, teremok will welcome visitors through January 19.

For those who are out of ideas for New Year’s and Christmas presents, Central Moscow will also host a Christmas fair, with craftsmen from across Russia selling their creative ideas for gifts and holiday decorations.

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