Woman turns the tables on TSA

A Colorado woman reportedly fed up with airport TSA screenings went tit for tat with a Transportation Security Administration official last week in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yukari Mihamae, 61, was trying to fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on Thursday and apparently was sick and tired of TSA pat-downs. “I go through [security] every week, and every week there is some problem,” she tells KDVR. Last week Mihamae especially didn’t feel like being screened, so she reached out without reserve and twisted the breast of an agent with both hands.

The woman, who is being described as a “self-employed businesswoman,” was arrested on the scene and held overnight. Now she is looking at felony charges of sexual assault.

The Phoenix Police Department says that Mihamae became argumentative with TSA agents but did not resist arrest after the incident. The security official apparently did not provoke the woman, and it looks like Mihamae’s outburst was more or less the result of pent up aggression against the TSA that was suppressed for far too long.

News reports say that Mihamae admitted to her actions on the scene but is now denying the allegations of sexual assault. Facebook fan pages have already been started in her defense and anti-TSA advocates are taking to the Internet to get their own frustrations against pat-downs off their chests, with some even attempting to collect money for Mihamae’s legal funds.

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