World Cup 2018 to cost Russia $22.5 billion

Russia’s Ministry of sport and tourism has issued a preliminary outlay report of the country’s preparations for World Cup 2018.

The document says the major footballing event would cost Russia around 632 billon rubles, or around US$22.5 billion.

Most of that sum would be poured into developing infrastructure, which is not directly related to football itself. For instance, 241 billion rubles ($ 8.6 billion) would be spent on building or repairing roads. About 60 per cent of the sum will be funded from the federal and regional budgets, while the other part will be given by private investors.

The second biggest part of the cost sheet is the construction of stadiums. Initially, 16 stadiums were planned to host the World Cup and the FIFA Confederations Cup, organized by the host nation a year before the main event. Since then the organizers, after consultations with FIFA, have reduced the number to 12 stadiums in 12 different cities.

The remaining money will be invested into preparing training pitches and other infrastructure facilities, as well as into improving communication networks in the country.

Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko says infrastructure development costs should not be included into the overall organizing budget. Considering that fact, the final cost sheet is unlikely to surpass the sum of 300 billion rubles ($10.7 billion) which had been voiced by the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin soon after the country won the right to host the World Cup.

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