­Birthday greetings for Tymoshenko

Ukrainian stars have joined together to brighten up November 27 for their ex-prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko.

An improvised concert is being held at the walls of the Lukyanivsky detention center in Kiev where Tymoshenko is marking her 51st birthday in a “serious health condition”.

Ukraine’s Batkivshchina political party, previously headed by Tymoshenko, was responsible for organizing the gathering on the opposition leader’s birthday.

“The organizers are very grateful for the generous contribution and civil will … offered for the sake of the unfairly jailed leader of the Ukrainian opposition,” Batkivshchina’s message says.

Apart from Tymoshenko’s political associates, the meeting was supported by over a dozen local celebrities and bands.

The Ukrainian opposition has already held a number of meetings near the walls of the detention facility. A few weeks ago, Yulia Tymoshenko kissed her hand and waved at supporters from the window of her cell. However this Sunday. she might not even be able to meet the eyes of her people.

The former prime minister is currently experiencing grave health problems. According to her lawyer, Sergey Vlasenko, she is unable to move unaided. Human rights advocates and her lawyers are fighting for permission for Tymoshenko to leave prison in order to avail of proper medical treatment outside the detention facility.

In October, a court in Kiev sentenced Ukraine’s former prime minister to seven years in prison for abusing her authority in gas deals with Russia during her term as premier.

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